Laboratory  of Excellence HepSYS
Functional genomics of viral hepatitis and liver disease

PhD program

March 30, 2017: We are seeking PhD students. We are interested in hearing from you!Our post-graduate training program is designed to guarantee your development into a world class research scientist.

Profiles seeked:

Three PhD positions are open at the Inserm Unit 1110 and the Laboratory of Excellence HepSYS (Head: Prof. Thomas F. Baumert, MD) at the University of Strasbourg, France in the team of Prof. Thomas Baumert. The unit is located in an excellent infrastructure on the campus of the University of Strasbourg in an outstanding scientific environment. The Inserm unit program focuses on the molecular investigation of virus-host interactions and liver diseases as well as the development of novel antivirals and vaccines with a focus on hepatitis B and C viruses (see Van Renne et al. Gut 2017; Verrier et al. Cell Rep. 2016; Mailly et al. Nature Biotechnology 2015; Majzoub et al. Cell; 2014, Zona, Lupberger et al. Cell Host & Microbe 2013; Lupberger, Zeisel et al. Nature Medicine 2011, Fafi-Kremer et al. Journal of Experimental Medicine 2010).

The three PhD projects will address: (1) the identification of hepatic factors involved in hepatitis B virus infection, (2) the identification of virus-induced signaling pathways that are relevant for liver pathogenesis, (3) the identification of factors determining antibody-mediated virus neutralization or escape in patients that naturally clear their infections and in subjects that remain chronically infected.

We are looking to recruit dynamic and highly motivated individuals with excellent grades and an interest in biomedical translational research that values working in an international scientific environment. The candidates should have technical experience in cell biology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology. You will join a well-funded international research laboratory in an outstanding scientific environment. While knowledge of the French language is not required, English proficiency is mandatory and strong communication skills are expected.

MDs are also encouraged to apply. 

Please send your CV (including experience and academic references) to: Prof. Thomas Baumert ( & Dr. Joachim Lupberger (


MD/PhD program

The Inserm Unit U1110, Institute for Viral and Liver Disease and the Laboratory of Excellence HepSYS, Head: Prof. Thomas Baumert, University of Strasbourg, France is located in the Faculty of Medicine campus in the center of Strasbourg. A key focus area of the unit is the molecular investigation of virus-host interactions and their relevance for disease biology. Core aims are the investigation of the mechanisms of virus-induced inflammation and cancer and to develop novel preventive or therapeutic approaches. Students work in close contact with our highly reputed training staff while they are also encouraged to develop independent thinking and to explore their personal talents. They master a broad range of techniques and cutting edge technologies as our unit is based in a state-of-the-art infrastructure offering excellent facilities and technical expertise. We value our students and accompany them through their development into successful researchers. From our care, to an exciting professional life in science.

If you are interested in our MD/PhD program please contact Ms. Catherine Corbel (



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